A lot of things has definitely changed since I last visited Basdaku in Moalboal. There are more high end beach resorts now and the accomodations have certainly gone expensive. We just used to camp in Manang Ester’s place but now they have their own rooms for rent.

Basdaku is definitely gaining a lot of popularity now because of it’s white sand beach. Before when you talk of Moalboal the first thing that always come to people’s minds is Panagsama. Now, a lot of people know about the white sand beach in Basdaku.

Panagsama caters more to the divers. It does not have a long shoreline like Basdaku and the water drops deep just even a few meters from the shore.

USC-Mountaineers banner

Me relaxing in the hammock -what a good life!

Basdaku, Moalboal – overcast skies

Me at Basdaku

with Leslie and 2 USC-Mountaineers applicants


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