3rd Visayas Mountain Festival


I’m pretty much excited for next week’s 3rd Visayas Mountain Festival which will be held in Sitio Patag, Silay City, Negros Occidental.

I already got my vacation leave approved but I still have to ask the other club members as to who will be going to the festival. My dilemma is that no club member will be climbing as the club is already having it’s 2nd Major climb this weekend in Leyte. I’m just really crossing my fingers another club member will be joining the climb in Tinagong Dagat. I can’t afford wasting my vacation leave doing nothing exciting. I know before the weekend ends I should have things sorted out already.

Checking on the 3rd Visayas Mountain Festival’s website I found out there’s going to be 3 routes to choose from. I’ve been to Tinagong Dagat twice (in 1999 and 2002) and both times we took the Campuestohan route. I would like to try the Agang-ang route as it sounds pretty interesting. The route is only limited to 15 climbers so I hope there are still slots available. If not then I’de like to take the Patag route which is the reverse of the route we took before.

What makes the climb and trip all the more exciting for me now is that I won’t just be going there to trek but to shoot pictures as well. Flickr has definitely given me more reasons to climb and travel these days.

I can’t wait for Wednesday to come. In the meantime I gotta sleep and enjoy tomorrow’s photoshoot (or I should say later this morning as it’s already 2am) with Farl and rest of the Cebu Flickr group in the Northern towns of Cebu.


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