Out of the blue


This is the opportunity I was always longing for before. Now that it finally arrived it seems that I’m still confused how I am going to decide.

If this opportunity arrived earlier this year then it would not have been difficult to make a decision.

I’m afraid to make a decision and regret to have made that decision. The fear of failing is in me again. I seem to be comfortable with my current job right now but I can’t really say that this is the thing I would like to do for the rest of my life.

The offer that Dan Bahinting gave to me is something that will probably never come again. It’s a chance of a lifetime but I’m still not sure if I should go for it or not. It’s a very tough decision to make. I can’t even seem to think clearly right now. I’m afraid to make a bad decision and regret afterwards.

How I wish I know what to do and what to decide. I wish I’ll get a sign on what to do.


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