I’m supposed to be studying and preparing for tomorrow’s discussion about eshop but my mind is wandering and tired after all what happened this week.

This summer of 2006 has been quite memorable for me in so many ways. So many good things has happened to me. I’m very happy to have met new friends, been able to climb Mt. Kitanglad, won 1st runner-up in T.W.0 1st Orienteering cup and went on whale-watching in Bais last weekend. It was supposedly a very nice summer for me until Wednesday came.

The bad news last Wednesday was certainly a horror for all of us in the family. I really thought that kind of thing only happened in the news and movies. I still can’t believe the blunder created by the police and what’s worst is that we are the ones paying for their blunder to cover up the mess they have created.

Life isn’t fair and we certainly do not deserve this. All I can really say is that police job is certainly one of the dirtiest. In most jobs if one creates a grave mistake he/she will most likely be terminated but with the police they even make money out of their mistakes which makes me really angry. They should know that their stupid mistake is costing and destroying someone else’s life and family.

We have given in to their demands but I just really hope they would be true to their words. I just don’t trust them anymore after all what has happened. I’m just really hoping and praying this crisis will be over soon.


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