Photo by wantet.

I am just really happy and surprised this photo made it to the Flickr interestingness page yesterday, May, 21, 2006.

This is definitely something I did not expect. So far the most number of favorites I’ve had is 5 and today when I logged in Flickr I was just really surprised that I’ve got 29 faves on this photo.

I’ve always wondered how it feels like if my photo was included in the interestingness page in Flickr and it’s definitely a pleasant surprise.

This photo is very quite simple but I guess the colors quite stand out here and the view is just amazing. I always love the beach and Bantayan is definitely a great place to go.

I’m just happy to have other persons appreciate this photo. Now, I’ve got to get back to work….


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  1. wantet says:

    Estan, I accidentally deleted your comment..gosh! I clicked on the wrong link..i tried recovering your comment but I’m not sure if I still can šŸ™

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