Cebu-Sugbo Flickr Meet


The Cebu-Sugbo Flickr group was celebrating it’s 1st year anniversary and what better way to celebrate but to meet up and shoot sunrise pictures.

The group met up at Bo’s Coffee Club in IT park around 4am last Sunday, June 4. There were 5 of us who showed up in Bo’s. Me, estan, el merotti, benjieordonez, and markiiboi. 2rokbotoy made a last minute decision of not going with us as he had a change of plans.

Gerald Yuvallos woke up late so we picked him in his house and then set off to the north to chase the sunrise. It was already 5am when we started our sunrise chase. The sun was slowly creeping in. Benjie concentrated in driving so we can get to Lilo-an in time for the sunrise. As soon as we arrived in Lilo-an we looked for a good spot to shoot, parked the car, setup the tripods and began shooting.

Liloan Sunrise
Photo by wantet

The sky was overcast which was quite disadvantageous for me as my camera is very dependent on the sun and light. Anyhow I was able to take a few shots. Gerald lent me his Canon SLR camera so I grabbed the chance and used up all the 24 shots on the film.

From Liloan we headed to Danao to shoot in the market. We had so many willing subjects in Danao. There were kids swimming in the pier and they were definitely not camera shy. They posed for us and gave us their smiles willingly.

I always look forward to photoshoots as I get to learn many things and tips from the more experienced photographers. It was certainly worth it waking up early in the morning.

Till the next photoshoot..


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