Toledo-Pinamungahan trip


Pinamungahan beach
Photo by wantet

Right after our sunrise photoshoot last Sunday in Liloan and Danao I went straight to citilink terminal to meet up with Sherill and left for Toledo City. I don’t know what got into my head that I just agreed to go there despite the fact I know there’s really not much to see in Toledo. I dunno I guess I just needed some sort of a break and I was a bit depressed with the results of my wedding pictures the day before.

Being in Toledo brought back a lot of memories to me. Toledo was my gateway to Bacolod City. Seeing the boat leaving for San Carlos city gave me this urge to buy a ticket and board the boat. Negros was just a boat ride away.

We waited for Maal in the bus terminal to pick us up as she was already in Toledo the day before. We then took our lunch and decided to look for a good beach to hang out and relax. Since we were not so familiar where the beaches in Toledo were, we asked the motorcyle driver to bring us to a nice or decent beach resort. We didn’t know the beach he was bringing us was already in Pinamungahan, the town next to Toledo down south.

Maal in the beach
Photo by wantet

Well there aren’t really good beaches in Toledo nor in Pinamanguhan. The beaches have dark soil and does not really look very appealing like in Bantayan or Moalboal. The only great thing there is that the resorts are not priced highly. We were able to get a decent room for overnight stay for only PhP400. Certainly cheap compared to the other resorts I’ve been to and it’s already for the 3 of us.

I really had no plans of staying overnight as I didn’t brought anything except for my camera, tripod and 1 extra shirt but Maal and Sherill were egging me to stay. It was not really that bad though. I was able to do things which I never had done before. It was an adventure trip with no clear plans whatsoever but it still turned out great.


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