Long weekend


My long weekend was fully jampacked. Saturday afternoon we went on another photoshoot together with Estan, el merotti and markiiboi at Cordova. The 4 of us met up again at Bo’s Coffee in IT park (Bo’s is now our official headquarters for Flickr meet) around 430pm. It was Markiiboi’s turn to be late. We left around 5pm for Cordova. Farl and adlaw were already waiting for us when we arrived at Day-as. It was supposed to be a sunset photoshoot but we were already kinda late when we got there as we got stuck in the traffic in Basak. Although the sun was no longer visible the view was still great for photo ops. It was my first time to be there and I have to say the place is beautiful.

My 2 pairs of batteries died out on me and I was only able to take a few shots..yeah, it was a total bummer! It seems like my batteries are leaking as I fully recharged it a couple of days before our photoshoot and this is not first time this happened to me the last 3 or 4 weeks. I spent the rest of the evening watching Estan, Elmer and Mark taking shots as Farl and Adlaw went home ahead of us.

We finished our photoshoot in Cordova at around 8pm and the 4 of us decided to have dinner at Mactan Marina mall. We had some grilled squid and fish at Tsibogs. The food was not exactly great but the company was. It’s great to be with people with the same interests as mine as I get to talk about the things like. I also get to learn from them as well.

As if the photoshoot in Cordova was not enough we proceeded to the 2nd Mactan-Mandaue bridge for another photoshoot after we had our dinner. We were certainly not dissapointed as the shadows and lighting under the bridge were splendid. Estan, Elmer and Markiiboi were able to take great shots under the bridge as they were able to set their cameras with long exposure. I can only wish that time I have a DSLR so I can set my camera in manual mode. Estan and Elmer kept teasing me that I should get DSLR real soon. Well, my urge to buy a DLSR real soon just got stronger I have to say.

Around 1030pm we ended our photoshoot in Mactan and headed back to Bo’s so we could get home and rest. We were shooting again in the morning for another sunrise chase at 5am at the 1st Mactan-Mandaue bridge.

I got home almost midnight and was pretty tired after all the activities that we did that day. I set my alarm to ring at around 4am but I was too tired that night that I didn’t get to hear it. It was a good thing that Markiiboi called me up. It was already 430am when he called. I hurriedly took a bath and rode a taxi going to Bo’s. They were already all waiting for me. We hurriedly set off for Mactan as we didn’t wanna miss the sunrise. Farl also came and another member Clark Jr also showed up. It was fun meeting another new member of the Cebu-sugbo group. We’re definitely growing. Before it just used to be me, Farl, adlaw, 2rokbo2y, Gerald, Benjie, estan, Elmer and Jenny but now new faces are showing up. Markiiboi, kangkong and Clark Jr have now joined the group’s photoshoots.

Too bad Estan has now gone back to Manila. The 4 of us me, Estan, Elmer and Markiiboi were shooting like there’s no tomorrow. In a span of one week we met 4 times for photoshoot and photoshop sessions which was really fun. Hmm, I wonder when we could do this again…

Cordova Sunset
Cordova Sunset
Photo by wantet


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