Kinabalu Dream


Kinabalu National Park

I met with May earlier today at Ayala mall to talk about our planned climb in Mt. Kinabalu. I had already booked Laban Rata and Mesilau last May for supposedly this month’s climb but we had to cancel it as Jeovy still had problems with her lost passport. June was our best chance to climb Kinabalu as the airfare at Air Asia was very cheap at that time. We moved it back to August to give time Jeovy to process her passport. Jeovy has now got her passport but now the problem is that May can’t make it on August as she’s got a scheduled training and can’t file a vacation leave. She’s asking if we can move it back to September or next year.

I checked Air Asia’s website and the fares for September is much expensive compared to July or August flight schedules.

It makes me sad and a li’l depressed thinking that we might not push through with the climb this year. I’m definitely all set to go no matter what it takes. This is one of things I’m really looking forward this year and I really hate getting disappointed.

I don’t mind if I don’t get to buy a new DSLR camera this year as long as I get to climb Mt. Kinabalu this year. I dunno I hope I’ll get to talk to Jeovy soon so we can sort and plan this out again.


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  1. doreen brigoli says:

    Tet, I’m impressed with your shots, they look like they’re done professionally! Good work, esp the ones on Maskara festival. I’ ve an idea, can you take excellent shots of common everyday things,practices in the Philippines? perhaps we can have it gathered in a book that’s gonna be intented for kids cause we might publish it over here in the US. There are many children’s books that are made of photographs and they get to be sold in tne market and collected in different US libraries! Hehehe!

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