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It’s feels good to be back trekking again. My body is sore and aching from the climb but not an ounce of regret. I’ve never enjoyed hiking as much as I did last weekend. I felt I’ve been energized again.

I terribly missed trekking and going on an adventure. Like what I mentioned in my previous post it’s all been work for me the past few weeks and I was getting bored. I was itching to do some physical activity and adventure to inject some life into me.

So here’s a brief summary of the trek last weekend:

August 5, 2006 (Saturday)
1300-1400 – wait at South Bus Terminal for Freedom and the rest of the gang
1430-1640 – travel by bus from South Bus Terminal to Dalaguete
1700-1740- travel by habal-habal from Dalaguete main highway to Nong Isar’s place
1750 – started hiking from Nong Isar’s place to Osmeña peak. The sun was already setting down so I took snapshots of the sunset while hiking to the base camp.
1810 Рarrive at Osme̱a peak base camp
1920 – ate dinner
2100-2430 – Socials and party

Mantalongon Nong's Isar's tree

Mantalongon Sunset

August 6, 2006 (Sunday)
0610 – woke up
0630-0700 – took some pictures at the peak
0700-0800 – prepared breakfast and packed lunch
0800-0900 – ate breakfast
0900-1030 – break camp, group picture
1030-1230 – start trekking to 1st water source
1230-1340 – lunch at 1st water source
1340-1600 – trek to Kawasan Falls
1600 – arrive at Kawasan main source
1630-1700 – had some snacks
1700-1730 -swimming at Kawasan
1730-1745 – change clothes and prepared going home
1745-1815 – hike from Kawasan Falls to Matutinao highway
1815-1840 -wait for bus
1840-2100 – travel by bus and left for Cebu City
2130 – Home Sweet Home

Freedom at Osmeña peak

Coleslaw sa bukid



Kawasan Falls: 2nd falls



  1. Athan says:

    i love the pix, tet! 😀

  2. wantet says:

    Hi Nito! It’s nice to know you found your way into my blogsite..Sure, you can use the itinerary in my blog entry but some of time there are already estimates as I could not remember the exact time we finished doing things. What additional information would you else like to know? Do you intend to just camp in Osmeña peak then backtrack or do you intend to traverse to Kawasan Falls? If you don’t have guide who knows the trail to Kawasan Falls then I suggest to just camp in Osmeña peak and just backtrack. Just email me with your questions and I’ll try to answer them the best that I can. My email address is 🙂

  3. nIto/pIrEnA says:

    gud pm, i just read your article on the osmeña peak trek and i got interested…we’re actually planning a class outing and i was assigned to come up with an intinerary, is it ok if i used your blog entry? and would it also be ok if i’d ask you for additional info? btw, i’m nito, a 3rd yr student nurse from cebu normal university…

  4. wantet says:

    yup, lingaw jud…dugay na sad ko wala ka climb so i i was happy to be back climbing again after 4 months. i’m looking forward to our next climb…

  5. estan says:

    hayahaya a! mura nindot inyo climb tet 🙂

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