Medellin, Daan Bantayan and Gibitngil Island


I was having difficulty deciding whether to go to Dapitan for Kuya Arvin’s birthday or go to Daan Bantayan with Chai’s team. I wanted to go to both places even if I wasn’t feeling very well during those days.

I packed up my things with a thought of going to both places. I thought that if I won’t like Daan Bantayan I’de return back to the city and take a boat bound for Dapitan at 10pm.

Around 7am I went to the office to meet up with the rest of Chai’s team. We then proceeded to the North Bus Terminal to catch a bus bound for Kawit, Medellin. We were able to leave the Bus terminal almost 9:30am as we had to wait for Harold who still went home to Lapu-lapu.

Popoy already informed me that the trip was going to last for almost 4 hours before arriving in Kawit. I didn’t really thought it was going to take that long but it did. We arrived in Kawit past 1pm.

Kawit Medellin

We proceeded to a resort in Kawit that Popoy had booked but we realized the resort was a li’l expensive for our limited budget so we decided to transfer to a resort in Paypay, Daan Bantayan.

The resort that we stayed in Paypay was way better in Kawit at a much lesser price. We had the whole place all to ourselves. The place had 2 bedrooms (1 room with a/c), a kitchen with stove and refrigerator and an outside cottage all for PhP1600. I think it’s a pretty good bargain.

Seeing the beach and the long shoreline in Paypay I immediately got excited. It was past 3pm when we were able to finally settle down. I decided not to go Dapitan anymore as I was tired from the long trip and I haven’t explored the place yet. Another reason was that I was wary of travelling alone as I was not feeling a 100%.

Paypay, Daan Bantayan

While the others were trying to catch some sleep I started taking pictures of the scenery while trying to wait for the sunset to come. As the sunset arrived I was certainly not dissapointed. The colors were just beautiful and sun looked magnificent. My officemate, Maal, willingly posed for me and it was indeed such a good idea. I just love the silhoutte shots as it looked more interesting compared to just the plain sunset shot with only the sun.


The fun didn’t there in fact it was just starting! The next day we went on an island hop to Gibitngil Island. The island is right across Kawit, Medellin which is a private island from what I was told by my Mom. As soon as we arrived in the island I just fell-in-love with the place. The water was crystal clear, the sand was white and the waves were just a thrill. We were like kids playing and riding with the waves. I never had so much fun in the beach as much we did in Gibitngil Island. The heat was scorching hot but nobody cared about it. Everybody was having a lot of fun in the island. We even forgot that we still had not eaten any lunch.

Around 2:30pm we left the island and headed back to Paypay to have our very late lunch. After arriving back in the resort we ate our lunch, took a shower then started packing up our things. It was almost 6pm when we left the resort and headed back home to the city.

I certainly did not have regrets coming to this trip. It was a lot of fun and full of adventure. I certainly would like to come back to this place again 🙂

KatigSand playChai and Sherilltake 3 jump

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I love reading about your adventures in the different places in the Philippines. And your pictures! Wow! It makes me want to go there and explore our country more. I’m also from Cebu and the next time I visit, I’ll be doing a long road trip and get to know more about our island, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. estan says:

    kanindot gud diha tet! mura maayo na iadto da this weekend :p

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