Mt. Kinabalu post climb and KK


We’re now back in Kota Kinabalu City after we successfully summitted Low’s peak, the highest peak in Mt. Kinabalu, yesterday early morning around 6:11 am. It was more difficult than what we expected. We took the Mesilau trail and our 1st day took us 9 hrs. to get to Laban Rata where we spent the night before the summit to Low’s peak early morning yesterday.

I’ll post details of the climb as well as pictures of the climb once I get back to Cebu on Sunday.

We’ll be staying here in Kota Kinabalu city until tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 17. We’ll just probably be going around the city looking for some pasalubong to bring home as travelling around Sabah is quite expensive..costing RM 20 or around PhP270 per person to go on long distance travel by taxi.

I would like to visit Tunku Abdul Raman (TAR) Park today but it seems that my 2 other friends are not so keen anymore of going there ‘cuz of the expenses. They’re more interested in shopping and checking out the shops around KK.

We will be heading back home to the Philippines tomorrow afternoon (1420). Hopefully the weather will be great. We certainly don’t want to get stranded again as we’re running out of money here in KK.



  1. wantet says:

    Hello cocopilot! Thanks for dropping by in my site. Yes, im a member of USC-M pero alumna na sad nako. Kinsa imo kuyog na mga USC-M katkat before? As of the moment mga estudyante sa USC ang dawaton nila na aplikante because the club is school based…kami na mga alumni ga agad mi mostly kung unsa mga activities sa schoolbased na members..

    if you can leave me some contact info I can inform you if we have open activities and maybe you can join us.

  2. cocopilot says:

    Hi, i came across your blog hoping to find a USC-M website, anyway, i saw a group picture with USC-M logo so i assumed you are also a member. I am an alumnae of USC-TC, and was trekking with the USC-M’s before. I love mountaineering but the problem is i dont have a any contacts anymore for trekking activities. What i want to inquire is if i can still be a member of USC-M as an alumnae of TC. If yes, how can i apply? I hope you can help Good luck and happy trekking.

  3. estan says:

    Naks! Congrats TET! After that flight postponement, at least, nadayon jud mo :p

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