Backpacking in KL


Backpacking alone in KL (Kuala Lumpur) is not bad. It’s my 3rd day here and so far I have enjoyed my stay. I just came from Putrajaya, the Administrative Capital of Malaysia, and the place is definitely nice and pretty. The highlight today though is meeting my friend Noor and her family. Noor is a penfriend of mine way back when I was still in high school when Internet was not the “in” thing yet. When the Internet became popular we were able to contact each other through email and YM. After so many years of correspondence I was finally able to meet her and her family. They took me to Putrajaya and showed me around Cyberjaya. Then, they brought me to Kajang for a taste of sate in HJ Samuri. Sate is a Malay food wherein meat or chicken is grilled then dipped in a sauce made up of grind peanuts. They told me that Sate in Kajang HJ Samuri is the best in Malaysia and they surely did not dissapoint me. It tasted good!


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    wow, that’s so cool. packpacking alone in a foreign land. you must be really adventurous!

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