Boxing World Cup: Philippines vs Mexico


The Boxing World Cup: Philippines vs Mexico was held in Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA, USA. Six Filipino fighters were pitted against 6 Mexican boxers this morning Philippine time. Now that all the six fights are all done and over, the Philippines came out with 5-1 victory just as Trainer Freddie Roach predicted.

I woke up late and was only able to watch the last 2 fights. The first one I was able to watch was the fight of Gerry Peñalosa against WBO bantamweight defending champion, Johnny Gonzales. The first few rounds was a close fight with some furious exchanges. I thought Gonzales had the upper hand on Peñalosa who was shorter and older than him then came the 7th round. Peñalosa hit Gonzales with a fatal blow on the lower section of the body. Gonzales had a delayed reaction before losing his balance and felling on his knees on the canvass a few seconds after the big punch. He was no longer able to recover and Peñalosa fell to his knees knowing that he has snatched WBO bantamweight title from Gonzales. Peñalosa won via knockout over the heavy favorite Johhny Gonzales. It was a stunning victory! Gerry Peñalosa who hails from Cebu is once again a champion after 10 years.

In the last fight and the main event, Daniel Ponce De Leon slugged it out with Rey “Boom-Boom” Bautista. It was a very short match though. De Leon was very aggressive and demolished Boom-Boom in the first round knocking him down twice in the round before the referee finally stopped the fight. It was the only defeat of the Philippines and a painful one for Boom-Boom who came in before the fight without any loss. De Leon retained his WBO super bantamweight title.

Prior to the Johnny Gonzales and Gerry Peñalosa match, the Philippines already had a 4-0 lead. Diosdado Gabi defeated Jose Angel Beranza via a unanimous decision. Michael Domingo gave the 2nd win for Team Philippines with an upset six-round decision over Miguel “Mickey Mouse” Roman. AJ “Bazooka” Banal stopped Jorge Cardenas in the third round to give the Philippines a 3-0 lead. Z Gorres helped Team Philippines in clinching the World Cup title by stopping Eric Ortiz in the 8th round.


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