Jurong Bird Park


Jurong Bird Park

Last 28th February, Abby and I went to Jurong Bird Park to take advantage of the 2009 Reasons SMS Passport promo launched by the Singapore Tourism Board.  We were no longer hoping that we can still obtain free tickets to the bird park as we arrived there past 12noon after having our brunch at Swensen’s in Jurong Point. We didn’t want to wake up early just to queue for free tickets on our precious weekend. We were satisfied in just getting a SGD2 discount off the standard ticket price of SGD18 per person. For several months now we have been planning to visit the bird park but never had the chance to do it until last Saturday.

We started our walk with the Penguin Expedition.  I finally got to see King Penguins for real!  I’ve always adored them and I was thrilled to see them alive although they are not in their natural habitat.


We headed to Flamingo Lake where a swarm of flamingos were wading in the water.

Flamingo Lake

Jurong Falls, which is located within the African Waterfall Aviary, is the world’s tallest man-made waterfall in an aviary at 30 meters high.


Inside the African Waterfall Aviary are thousands of birds flying within the aviary which is covered by a net raised 35 meters high. Starlings and turacos can be seen feasting on fruits near the suspension bridge.


Starlings of different colors can be found inside the aviary and photographers were crowding to capture them.


Another attraction inside the bird park is the Dinosaur Descendants where the ostrich, doubled-wattled cassowary, greater and common rheas and emu can be found.


One of the exciting attractions inside the bird park is the Lory Loft where park visitors get the chance to feed the colorful lories for SGD3 per cup.


Red Lories


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