Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009


The  Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) will be happening tomorrow starting at the Esplanade Bridge. This is my 2nd year to join the run. Last year I joined the 10K run finishing in 1:20:19 hrs(net time). This year I decided to push myself a bit further and signed up for the half-marathon (21.1km). This is going to be the longest that I’m going to run (excluding the Adventure Races that I’ve joined in the past). About a month ago I ran for 15 Km for the New Balance Real Run and I think I did just okay. Nothing impressive but I managed to finish the run despite doing a lot of catch up after being late for the run.

My preparation for this half-marathon has not really been very consistent but I think it’s better than last year. I didn’t  really prepare much last year. This year I was really trying to run more and at a longer distance. It would have been much better if I was really running twice or thrice in a week. There are always distractions in between and sometimes I’m just too tired to run coming from work.

All I hope is I can finish tomorrow’s run at a decent time.

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008


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