Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon ’09


Learning from my mistake on my previous run last month, I woke up as early as 4:15am to prepare for the half marathon run(21.1Km) which was going to start at 6:45am. I took shower and had a quick light breakfast.

Being early for the run certainly has a lot benefits. I arrived in the venue by 6am and still had enough time to leave my stuff at the baggage counter and warm-up. Most importantly, I was not too far behind from the starting line. At exactly 6:45am the half marathon race started. The race route was going to take us from Esplanade Drive to the following roads: Raffles Quay-Shenton Way-Prince Edward Rd-Marina Station Rd-East Coast Parkway-Rochor Rd-Temasek Avenue-Nicoll Highway-Mountbatten Rd-Stadium Rd-Nicoll Highway-Republic Avenue-Esplanade Drive-St Andrew’s Rd.

The first 6km went pretty well but after that I was starting to feel tired and realized I have a long way to go.  I haven’t even reached the half-way mark of the 21.1Km run. Thinking that I might have ran too fast than my regular pace I decided not to push myself too much so I have enough energy to finish the run. I decided to mix running and a bit of walking and I have to admit it did take away some of my rhythm. After every few kilometers of running I would stop and walk. Reaching the half-way mark was quite a relief . At 16km mark I was already feeling pain on my feet and legs.  The stop and walk became more frequent. I checked my time and I was trying to tell myself that I need to finish under 3 hrs. Reaching 18km I started to gain some life and ran from Nicoll Highway to Republic Avenue but when I was reaching near the F1 pit stop I was feeling very tired and had to walk again.  I didn’t run until I was in Raffles Avenue going to Esplanade Drive. After reaching Fullerton I walked again and just before reaching St. Andrews Rd I ran again until the Finish line.

After 2:49:38 hrs I finished the 21.1km Half Marathon Run. I was super tired but quite happy to have finished the run under 3 hrs. After every race I always say to myself that I need to train harder and prepare better for the next race but always come up short. Anyway, I still enjoyed the run which is the most important thing. Till the next run again.

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