Boy, it’s a been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. It’s been a rough sailing for me this year. I’ve never visited the doctor so many times in my life. I was plagued with a runny/blocked nose that just didn’t seem to stop. I’ve seen more than 10 doctors here in Singapore and it wasn’t until June after bearing the sickness for more than 6 months that I finally began to feel better.  I’ve been seeing the same ENT doctor the past few months who has been monitoring my progress. I’m thankful that I’m finally feeling better although I feel like I’m not the same since this runny nose started late December of last year, 2009.

I’m more conscious of my health this year and more committed to my running. I started my running calendar with the 100 Plus Passion Run 2010 25Km Run last May 22. I ran sick  that day but I was determined to finish the run no matter what will be my finish time.  I finished the 25Km run in 3hrs and 45mins.

Next run for me was the Mizuno Mt Faber Run last June 13, 2010. It was a 10Km run which I finished in 1hr and 16mins.  Then I was able to join my first run back home since I started working in Singapore last 2008. When I went home for a short vacation in Cebu last July, I visited the Runnr store in Ayala and found out there was a run scheduled on July 31st.  I signed up for the St. Ignatius Day Run and finished the 10K run in 1hr and 5mins. It was my fastest 10K run beating my previous personal record during the Nike Human Race 10K run last October 24, 2009 where I ran the 10K in 1hr and 10mins.

Next race I joined was the RunNUS which took place in NUS last August 15, 2010.  It was another 10K run however unfortunately, I was not able to upload my time as my Nike+ sportsband had an issue with the USB connection so I can’t remember now what was timing for that run.

I didn’t join any race in September.  The next race I joined was the New Balance Real Run which was held in Changi Exhibition Centre last October 17, 2010. I joined the 15Km race and finished the 15K run in 1hr and 57 mins.

My next upcoming race is the Salomon X-Trail Run which will be held in MacRitchie Reservoir this coming Sunday, November 14, 2010. I’m looking forward for it as I always loved running the trail in MacRitchie.

After the Salomon X-Trail Run, I will await my biggest running challenge to date. I will be running my first ever full marathon (42.195Km) on December 5, 2010 for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010. Seriously, I don’t know if I can finish the marathon. I admit that my preparation has not been enough but I’m just hoping that my adrenaline can take me to finish line on that day. I don’t care about my finish time I just want to at least finish on my 1st ever full marathon.

Mizuno Mt Faber Run

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