Canon 9th PhotoMarathon Singapore


The Canon 9th PhotoMarathon Singapore was held yesterday at the Suntec City Convention Hall 401. It was my 2nd time to join the event. I arrived in the venue a few minutes before 7:30am and queued for the registration. As I had registered online prior to the event, I didn’t had to wait very long to complete my registration. Walk-in participants had to wait as slots were subject to availability and had to pay S$15 to register for the event (participants who registered online only paid S$10).

After completing the registration, I got my participant ID, a Canon EF Lenses CD and some vouchers that included the official Canon 9th PhotoMarathon event t-shirt, 1 free Canon PIXMA printing and discount vouchers from epiCentre and OSIM.

The competition briefing started at about 8:30am. The emcee announced that there’s a record number of participants this year, close to 2,000 he said (from Canon’s FB page they announced having a new record of 2,078 participants this year). The traditional photo-op with the participants proceeded and just a few minutes before 9:00am the emcee announced that they will be doing something different for this year’s PhotoMarathon. He called on 8 “models” to stand on the stage who were holding each a white envelope which contained a theme, so nobody knows what’s the theme for the 3 assignments until it was picked and announced. A Canon official was asked to choose and he picked the 8th envelope. A couple of minutes before 9am and the 1st assignment was flashed on the screen and the theme was EAT. Participants had until 12:00noon to submit the first assignment.

Me and my friend, Abby, decided to head to Chinatown but then we were to shy to point our cameras at anyone who were eating at the foodcourt . Shooting an animal was an idea we were considering but couldn’t find any subject for the theme. We ended up shooting ourselves eating.

The 2nd theme was announced at 12:00noon and it was CIRCLE. We decided not to shoot far from Suntec. My idea was to shoot bubbles so I bought a bubble solution at the Toys section of Carrefour. I asked my friend to help me blow the bubbles while I shoot. It was not easy as I initially thought and my photo was not sharp as I wanted it to be. Time was running out and I was growing tired as me and Abby were taking turns in helping in each one’s setup. I decided to just go on and submit with what I had.

The 3rd theme was announced at 3:00pm and it was IMAGINE. My idea was to shoot with a TOTO ticket with some cash. I’m not familiar with how the TOTO works so I asked Abby to buy. The assignment ended up with me shooting her with the TOTO ticket. Abby submitted the photo and I decided not to submit anything for the 3rd theme.

It was tiring but another fun-filled photomarathon. The challenge that comes with joining a photomarathon is to be able to come up with a photo that is relevant to the theme and being able to produce it within a specified timeframe. Looking at the photos of the event, one needs to think out-of-the box to have a photo that stands out among the thousands of photos submitted. Also it’s not just enough having an idea, execution is important.


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