Foot Injury


Seven days before the Sundown Marathon and some unfortunate accident happened that has ruined my chances of completing my 5th full marathon.

Last Sunday while practicing basketball, my foot got entangled with someone else’s foot and I ended up landing badly on my right foot which resulted in a sprained ankle.

Swollen Ankle 1st Day

I have been icing the injury since Sunday night. Although it’s not as painful as the first two days, my ankle is still swollen for the third straight day.

Swollen Ankle 2nd Day

I’m worried that this injury may take longer to heal and I may have to drop the whole marathon to prevent any further risk and aggravating the injury. Another worry of mine is that the injury maybe more serious than what I initially think it is. I have yet to see a doctor as I was thinking I’ll see first how it goes in the first few days and if there’s no progress then that’s the time I’ll seek medical help.

There’s 5 more days left till the Sundown Marathon. I’m just hoping that the injury is going to heal very soon so I can run and complete the marathon this coming Sunday.




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