2012 Running Races in Summary


2012 was another great running year! Despite the numerous injuries I dealt all throughout the year, I managed to finish 10 races 3 of which were full marathon (42.195Km) and my 1st ultramarathon at The North Face 100 Singapore.

The Sundown Marathon was quite a memorable run for me. A week before the marathon, I sprained my ankle while playing basketball. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to run but at the last minute I decided to give it a go.  I ran and finished the full marathon with a swollen ankle and braved the heavy rain and cold wind.

Although I didn’t break my Personal Best (PB) for full marathon in 2012, I was quite happy that my results for the KL Marathon was better compared to the previous year. In 2011, I completed the full marathon in 05:40:30. In 2012, I finished the run with an improved timing of 05:23:23 despite the hot and humid weather.

Running and finishing my first ultramarathon was a dream come true for me. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it but I decided to sign up for the run anyway and gave it a try. I’ve been bothered with a nagging hamstring injury and was quite worried if I would be able to complete the 50Km run given the cut-off time of 9 hrs. With pure guts I did manage to complete it.

Finishing my 1st ultramarathon

Finishing my 1st ultramarathon at TNF100 Singapore


Most of my runs were in Singapore but did manage to run in KL, Malaysia and my hometown Cebu, Philippines.

Below is a summary of my 2012 Runs:

04/28/2012: Energizer Singapore Night Trail (18Km) – 02:35:17
05/27/2012: Sundown Marathon 2012 (42.195Km) – 05:59:38.51
06/24/2012: Standard Chartered KL Marathon (42.195Km) – 05:23:23
07/07/2012: Singapore Garden Run (10Km) –  race cancelled midway due to inclement weather
07/15/2012: Shape Run (10Km) – 1:05:25.73
10/13/2012: The North Face 100 (50Km) – 07:53:09
10/21/2012: We Run SG 10K 2012 (10Km) – 01:05:32.33
10/28/2012: Adidas King of the Road (16.8Km) –  02:05:09.29
11/11/2012: 100Plus Passion Run 2012 (21Km) –  02:25:39.70
11/18/2012: 1st Hotel Elizabeth Royal Run (8Km) –  00:56:44 (based on Nike+ Sportsband as no official results)
12/02/2012: Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (42.195Km) – 05:33:52.40

Note: All Timing based on Net Time

Now that 2013 is here I hope that I can stay healthy and be free from injuries so that I can run more marathon and ultramarathons. I hope I can improve my timing for the full marathon and maybe run further like 100Km. I am also looking forward to run in new places and maybe more trail runs. Well, let’s see what 2013 has to offer.


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