Mahimayaong Isidro Fun Run

Mahimayaong Isidro Fun Run Race Bib

Mahimayaong Isidro Fun Run Race Bib


Before I flew home to Cebu last week I was already thinking how I can continue to run to prepare for my upcoming marathons next month. I checked the Cebu Fun Run website and found a few runs that I can join while I am in Cebu.

The good thing about running in my hometown is that you can register for a run just even a few days before the event unlike in Singapore whereby you have to register months before.

Two days after I arrived in Cebu I went to Runnr Store in Ayala Mall to inquire more about the running events and possibly register for a run.

The Highland Endurance Run CTU Moalboal/Argao sounded interesting however due to time constraints I decided to sign up for the Mahimayaong Isidro Fun Run which was held in Talamban, Cebu City which is just nearby my place. The lady at the registration booth told me it’s a road run but there are parts in the route which is uphill.

I signed up for the 16K run which cost me PhP350(S$11). The race pack included the race bib, race shirt and a coupon for refreshments and raffle entry.

Race Day

The race was scheduled to start at 4:30am so I had my alarm set at 2am the night before to give me enough time to shower, eat and prepare for the run. For some reason my alarm didn’t ring at the scheduled time. When I woke up the time was already 3:11am. I panicked to take shower and hurriedly ate 2 pieces of Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnuts.

I was thinking twice of bringing my hydration bladder as I’m running out of time and I still had to pour water on it. In the end I made the right decision to bring it.

I stepped out of the house a few minutes past 4am and hurriedly walked towards the main road to hail a taxi. As I was walking I realized that I forgot to bring my race bib. I decided to hail a taxi first then ask the taxi driver to go back to my place so I can take the race bib to avoid losing more precious time.

While in the taxi the sky looked red and looked like it was going to rain anytime. As soon as I arrived in the race venue in Talamban, it started to rain heavily. The race organizers told the participants that the event is a rain or shine event. They asked the runners to head to the covered gymnasium so the event can start. The event started with an opening ceremony and an aerobic exercise as warm-up.

Due to some delays the race officially started at about 5:12am. It was still raining but luckily it was just raining lightly.  The race started in front of the Talamban Elementary School and then we turned right to Hiway77 before exiting to Gov. M. Cuenco Ave. heading towards USC-TC where we made a U-Turn going towards Talamban Road.

Due to the rain there were portions in the road that was flooded with water. Initially I tried to avoid the water as I didn’t want to get my shoes and socks wet however due to limited space as the road is being shared by runners and vehicles I eventually had no choice but step on the flooded waters while running making my shoes feel heavy.

As I turned left to Kauswagan Road I felt my shoes didn’t had a good grip on the road. I felt like I was going to slip. I was using the Altra Lone Peak which is a trail running shoes because I left my road running shoes in Singapore. I was running cautiously while going up and down the slopes of Talamban Road.

It was quite a challenge doing the uphill slopes but my strategy was to run slowly in the uphill then run a bit faster when going downhill. I motivated myself by trying to think of the MacRitchie-Woodlands run I did a few weeks ago. The route was a bit similar but not as uphill as this though.

I caught up with a couple of female runners during the uphill and I was quite surprised I was still feeling okay despite going up and down several slopes. About a Kilometer away from the U-Turn point I saw my local hero Amale Mendezona Jopson who was being paced by her triathlete husband, Noy Jopson. They were on their way back to the finish line.

At about 10.5Km I reached the U-turn point. Heading back I had to tackle a very steep uphill slope. I decided to walk this section of the race to conserve a bit of energy. I know that after the uphill will be downhill and I can recover some time.

The light rain was quite a blessing as it was going to be quite a hot day without it and I will tire out easily. The only 2 problems I had with the rain was that my shoes felt slippery on the road and secondly I was starting to develop blisters on my left foot as my socks were wet. Fortunately, I was only a few kilometers from the Finish line.

I finish the 16K run with an official timing of 01:50hrs. I didn’t had the time to get any refreshments and straight away I walked towards the main road to hail a taxi. I was in a hurry to go home and change my wet clothes as the shuttle van was picking us at 8am for Alegre Beach Resort. I also forgot to take my finisher’s medal.

Overall, I was quite happy with my timing considering it was quite a challenging route with lots of uphill slopes. Looking at my run in Movescount my average pace was 6’48min/km and I was able to run at a consistent pace. Also, it was a good thing that I used the hydration bladder as I didn’t had to stop to drink water and I was not contributing to the garbage.


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