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Baby Gabriel’s Christening


Baby Gabriel’s Christening, Photo by wantet.

I was chosen as one of the ninang (godmother) of my colleague’s son baptism. Although this is my 3rd time to be chosen as a Ninang, I was still quite excited and happy to be part of this special occasion.

Maritess is one of the people I respect and look up to in the office.  When I was still new in my job she was one of the people who really helped me and since then she has become one of my good friends. For her to chose me as a godmother for her son is quite an honor.

I was worried before today if I can attend the event as there were no longer any vacation leave slots available for April 17.  Last night I took the risk and sent a message to my Team Lead if I can take an urgent half-day leave. I know that there’s no guarantee but I was quite desperate. He replied and told me that he will check and get back to me as he was outside. I wasn’t able to sleep well last night. I kept checking the BB to see if he has sent me a message.  Morning came and there was no response from him.

I reported to work at 9am and kept thinking how I can attend Gabriel’s Christening. When my Team Lead came in 3 minutes past 9am he told me that as a one-time exception he was going to allow me to take a half-day urgent leave and that I can leave by 1pm.  I was so ecstatic when he told me this.

I was quite fortunate that I didn’t get stuck on a call. Although I could leave at 1pm I went to finish my follow-up cases. By the time I left the office it was almost 2pm and had to hurry going back to my flat to leave my bag and take my camera. I didn’t had any time to eat my lunch as by the time I arrived in the flat it was already past 2:30pm. I rushed down and waited for a taxi but it was very difficult to find one available. After more than 10 minutes of waiting I was able to get one and was able to arrive just in time in Blessed Sacrament Church.

The occasion was quite special as it wasn’t only Gabriel’s Christening but it was also John’s and Maritess Church wedding. It was quite a good and memorable day today and I’m blogging this to help me remember in the future.


Less than 28 hours..


Less than 28 hours from now I’ll be flying back home. I am trying to contain my excitement until the moment my work is done tomorrow. I have to keep my concentration as I certainly don’t wanna screw up anything before I leave for my long vacation. I’m crossing my fingers everything is going to be fine.