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Canon 9th PhotoMarathon Singapore


The Canon 9th PhotoMarathon Singapore was held yesterday at the Suntec City Convention Hall 401. It was my 2nd time to join the event. I arrived in the venue a few minutes before 7:30am and queued for the registration. As I had registered online prior to the event, I didn’t had to wait very long to complete my registration. Walk-in participants had to wait as slots were subject to availability and had to pay S$15 to register for the event (participants who registered online only paid S$10).

After completing the registration, I got my participant ID, a Canon EF Lenses CD and some vouchers that included the official Canon 9th PhotoMarathon event t-shirt, 1 free Canon PIXMA printing and discount vouchers from epiCentre and OSIM.

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Labrador Nature Reserve

Dusk at Labrador JettyDusk at Labrador Jetty

I had long wanted visiting Labrador Nature Reserve after seeing Allan’s sunset photos last year.

I was not sure where the park is exactly located but with the help of Google Maps on the BlackBerry handheld, I was able to find it after more than 20 minutes of walking from the bus stop in Alexandra Road last Thursday.

It was a lot of walking but when I reached the park I was so delighted to see the view it offered. I regret I didn’t go there much earlier. There were plenty of interesting subjects to shoot inside the nature reserve.

I was just right in time to catch the sunset but the sun only showed itself for about a minute and it was covered by the clouds again. I wish I have a telephoto lens to catch the marvelous sunset but for now I have to be contented with my ultra-wide angle lens (Don’t get me wrong but I do love my UWA lens).

Labrador Sunset

I will definitely come back to this place again and make sure I’ll come early next time.