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Salomon X-Trail Run 2010


Yesterday I participated in the  Salomon X-Trail Run 2010 which was held in MacRichie Reservoir. It was the 2nd time that I joined the Salomon X-Trail Run. I like the race route this year compared to the first one I joined in 2008 which was held in Tampines Bike Park.

Flag-off time for the Women’s Open was 7:35am. I had trouble waking up as I slept a bit late the night before the run. I had to take a taxi from my flat in Choa Chu Kang to MacRitchie Reservoir to make sure I was not going to be late for the run.

I arrived in MacRitchie about 30 minutes before the scheduled flag-off time.  It was kinda drizzling when I got off the taxi and I was already thinking it was going to be a wet and muddy run in the trail. While I was trying to find the baggage deposit someone came to me.  I was completely embarrassed as he knew me but I didn’t had any idea who he was until he introduced himself as Melvin, my fellow USC-Mountaineer. We are friends in Facebook but I’ve never met him personally until that day. After hearing we were speaking in Cebuano, a Filipina girl from CDO came to join us . It was a runner that Melvin met during the Mizuno Run last October 10.

I deposited my bag and ate my banana which was the only food that I took before the run as I had no time time to eat breakfast.  Melvin headed to the starting line first as the Men’s Open had a flag-off time of 7:30am.

Not too long after the Men’s open participants were called to gather in the starting line, the Women’s open participants were asked to head to the starting line as well. We waited in the starting line until the Men’s open participants were released. There was a slight delay of about  5 minutes but off we went.

As we headed to the MacRitchie trail I already knew it was not going to be an easy run knowing the uphill route ahead.  The trail is narrow so runners had to be in a single file.  I  kept reminding myself to stick to my own pace and not to feel too pressured from the runners trailing behind me who were probably eager to overtake me.

I’m so familiar with the MacRitchie trail that before the run I was already imagining the sections in the race route that I was dreading.  The uphill sections were tiring but quite surprisingly I did just fine during the first 7 or 8Km of the trail run. I remember looking at my Nike+ Sportsband and my time was still under 50 minutes.

As soon as we got out of the trail and were running back to the main park the heat was just scorching and I felt like all my energy was sucked out of me. Running under the hot sun is something I don’t enjoy.  I forced myself to keep running so I can get out of the open road and back to the covered trail. By the time I was on the trail again I was tired and exhausted. I didn’t want to walk but I thought if I push myself too much I might even jeopardize my chances of finishing the race itself so I decided to walk and run at this stage.

From the covered trail we exited to the main highway of Lornie Road where the blistering heat was waiting for us again. This last stretch of the race was definitely a physical and mental challenge for me. When the marshals shouted that the finish line was only 800m away I decided to run all the way knowing that the end was near.

I finished the 12Km run with an official time of  1:39:06. Finishing at 105 out 258 in the Women’s Open. It would have felt nicer if I was within the 1st 100 but anyway it was still a good run for me.  Running in the trail is something that I always enjoyed.

Up next for me is the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. I will be running the full marathon (42.195Km) for the first time.  Let’s see how this race goes.